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    changing machine name


      is it possible to change the physical machine name of a safeboot client once the encryption agent is already installed and synched with the server?

      what effect will this have on the db object? will the db object change name?


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          the db object does not change name, in the properties of the device you can see the current %computername%
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            Yes, you can change the physical machines name once the encryption is there. This will not have any effects on the database at all as the MEE database only looks at the objectID and not the machine name.

            One thing you might want to do is if you do change a machine name, change it in the db as well, just right click and rename, that way you wont get confused.
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              if I change the machine name on a pc is it neccesarry to force a synch to the server to update the db?
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                The database will not update with the new machine name because the database doesnt care about your machine name. It only cares about the machines objectID.

                You will need to manually right click the machine in the database and choose rename and then rename it to whatever you renamed the physical machine too.
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                  ok thats fine thanks

                  i only asked as i thought the information that the client sent to the server included both machine's name and ip for the purposes of a force synch from server to client.

                  I appreciate the server wont change the db object name to reflect the new physical machine name - but I thought I had seen messages before when force synching server-client to indicate it was trying by computer name when it couldn't contact the ip
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                    The computer name is reported to the database during synchronizations, it just doesn't update the name of the object in the database. There is the RenameMachineToNetworkName script command that you can use to rename all the machines in the database to their proper network name.

                    This is documented on page 106 of the Scripting Guide PDF.