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    Disabling Security Center

      i have read other threads about security center and have shut down most of its services in order to attempt shutting down the program in order to free up some RAM... however, the security center still takes up about 28,000 kb of memory usage and causes my PF usage to stay around the upper 200 to mid 300 mb range, whereas normally i would be in the mid to upper 100 mb range...

      i don't necessarily want to uninstall the program, i just want to be able to shut it off.. you can't tell me that a licensed anti-virus program actually takes control of your system to the effect that you absolutely cannot shut the program down, thats an oxymoron isn't it?

      i just want to be able to free up RAM space when i don't need "protection," and be able to use it when i do feel the need.

      thanks for your help
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          Peter M
          You can shut off all the services & startup items by going to Start/Run and entering msconfig. Or you can go into Security Center and shut down the one that uses the most resources - VirusScan. But be warned - you aren't being protected in that state.
          However, isn't that like the tail wagging the dog? You might as well not have any protection installed at all if you are going to do that. Why not look into adding more RAM?

          These products are designed to throttle back anyway when your machine is busy, but if you are looking to not use resources then perhaps you need stand-alone products rather than the sort that are combined within a Security Center of their own.
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            thank you for your response, and yes, sometiumes i would rather not have any protection.. for instance when i am not connected to the internet or when i am busy running 5+ applications for homework/projects.

            i have plenty enough RAM (1 gb) but these processes stil slow down other processes. And if i were to have everything enabled on the Security Center, one process (i believe it was McAgent.exe) took up over 22,000 kb of memory usage, along with the six or seven other processes that McAfee runs! Thats ridiculous!

            And yes, i do prefer stand alones and the type, but i just got a new laptop and McAfee came free with it, so i would like to keep the program, just not all the strings that come with it. like i said, i only want protection when i feel its necessary, not 24/7
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              Peter M
              Those only take up that memory if they are running and most of the time just about everything in Security Center isn't running anyway.

              It's your choice of course, go ahead and disable them if you wish.
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                i wasn't running anything.. i had left my computer just sitting there, not running any programs. yet and still, hogging up memory just sitting there. once again, i don't need constant protection.
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                  Peter M
                  Are you clear with how to disable it?