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      • 10. RE: upgrade from 8 to 9, smooth ... but
        I've been told to ask the following...


        Check the McAfee spam killer Tool bar is enabled
        McAfee security center->Email and IM ->Click on the configure in the Right hand panel -> Click on the advance button under the spam protection is enabled ->Email tool bar make sure all the email client are checked.
        Apart from this we can also check if the McAfee Ad-ins are disable in Outlook 2007
        • (Tool->Trust center->Add-ins->Disable Items (Manage scroll down menu) ->uncheck any McAfee entry)
        • (Tool->Trust center->Add-ins->Com-add-ins (Manage scroll down menu) -> Check if all the McAfee entry is checked)

        • 11. RE: upgrade from 8 to 9, smooth ... but

          If I open Outlook 2007 and right click on the toolbar area, there is nothing listed for McAfee.

          If I click on Tools \ Options, the McAfee toolbar magically appears and if I then right click the toolbar area, the option to deselect the McAfee toolbar is then displayed. I can select and deselect the McAfee toolbar as many times as I want and it will appear or disappear. Once I close down Outlook 2007 and restart it, the same exact initial problem returns; I am forced every time to click on Tools \ Options for the McAfee toolbar to appear.

          In Security Center 9.3 \ E-Mail and IM \ Configure \ Spam protections is enabled .... Advanced \ E-mail toolbars - Outlook is selected.

          In Outlook 2007 \ Help \ Disabled items \ ... there are _no_ disabled items.

          In Outlook 2007 \ Tools \ Trust Center \ Add-ins - on the opening screen nothing is referencing McAfee.
          ... if I click on Manage COM-Add-ins, there is nothing referencing McAfee ... if I click on Manage Exchange Client Extensions, McAfee _is_ checked .... if I click on Manage Disabled Items, there are no disabled items.

          I think this covers it.
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            OK thanks, I'll pass that back.
            • 13. RE: upgrade from 8 to 9, smooth ... but
              The current opinion is that there's a problem with Outlook. Can you try to create a new Windows User Account and see if it is the same there?
              • 14. RE: upgrade from 8 to 9, smooth ... but
                I have a Guest account already set up. I went there, opened Outlook and had the same exact problem.
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                  That's not good. I'll pass that back. Meanwhile you might want to try Technical Support Chat, linked in my signature.
                  • 16. Outlook toolbar missing
                    [SIZE="2"]Hi dave,

                    Disable all other plug ins from outlook except the McAfee plug in and then close Outlook and re-open it...check and see if it works..
                    Also try to configure your e-mail address in Outlook express and see whether there is any problem in that..[/SIZE]
                    • 17. RE: Outlook toolbar missing
                      I disabled all the add-ins that Outlook would allow me to disable, restarted Outlook, same problem.

                      In addition to that, I could not return the Skype toolbar\add-in since Outlook would not allow me to. I was forced to restore the registry from yesterday.

                      _____Lesson learned - always create a new restore point before making any changes._____

                      Regarding 'Outlook Express' which in Vista is now _Windows Mail_, the McAfee toolbar loads there without any problem.

                      I didn't understand the need to 'reconfigure' my e-mail account for that program but I removed it, opened Outlook, same problem.

                      These problems only surfaced after I upgraded from Security Center 8.* to 9.3.
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