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    Cisco VPN client makes SecurityCenter flash

      Upon launching Cisco Cache Cleaner for SSLVPN, or initially launching Cicso AnyConnect VPN Client, the McAfee Security Center --> Internet & Network tab flashes every 20 seconds and displays the following message: "Please wait until SecurityCenter finishes collecting your configuration details...". McAfee then minimizes and control is restored to me. I gave Cache Cleaner and the VPN client full access to the Internet in the Firewall.

      Anyone know what could be invoking McAfee SecurityCenter every 20 seconds?


      Cisco Cache Cleaner for SSLVPN
      Version: 3.30 Build 151

      Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
      Version: 2.2.0140

      McAfee Security Center
      Version: 9.0
      Build: 9.0.295
      Last update: 11/13/08

      Version: 13.0
      Build: 13.0.232
      Last update: 02/09/09
      Engine Version: 5300.2777

      Personal Firewall
      Version: 10.0
      Build: 10.0.209
      Last Update: 11/13/08