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    Big Problem...Locked out of my computer.

      Please help. Purchased McAfee VirusScan Plus Firewall & AntiSpyware on 12/10/08...can't tell what system or version, because....i am locked out of my computer.....if i turn on the pc startup is good until i "click" my log-in, which is "owner" the only log-in this pc has ever had...the problem starts here, the only thing that shows on the monitor is my wallpaper (picture)...no icons, no startup bar @ bottom, no "M" McAfee, nothing at all....been online with McAfee support twice, both times we tried to doenload a startup.exe file, but we always get an error.... no c:/my documents or no c:/desktop found, as if they dont exsist on the computer.....so the last tech. states to restart in "safe mode w/ networking"...i do and this time i see to two logins....mine "owner" and another called "administrator"....i have never had a login titled "admin."....i think someone has locked me out of my cp?
      Is there anything i can do besides reformating the hard-drive (i hate the way that sounds)?
      If i reformate i will lose hundreds of kids soccer, baseball, family pics.
      Please help! Thanks:eek: