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    McAfee Doesn't Work After System Restore

      I have used system restore several times to restore my computer. Each time I do it everything on the computer works except McAfee. I am forced to connect to the internet, unprotected, for 20 minutes or so until McAfee re-downloads its entire program (virusscan etc).

      I am on a network that is very unsecure so I hate to do this.
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          Vinod R

          well.. system restore restores settings registry keys etc.... but not data and when this happen half of McAfee files are wiped out while half remains and to clear the mess you have to download the missing parts
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            Peter M
            Usually right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting "Updates" then OK it will normally will fix the situation for me.
            SecurityCenter and in particular VirusScan relies on being up to date. So when you use System Restore it is returned to an earlier date and gets confused because it now is out of sync with the System Clock.
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              I update windows and McAfee daily. When I restore the computer it is usually to the previous day (I have had to restore several times because there is apparently malicious traffic on the wireless network I use).

              This problem did not exist with the previous security software I used (which I won't name) but my McAfee subscription has a long time remaining and I don't want to just quit it.

              It seems reasonable that McAfee's core should at least be functional after a restore. A few times I have gone through the trouble of uninstalling the entire suite then reinserting the original McAfee cd so it would have all the core programs (even if many months old) while I connect to the internet through this network to update.
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                Peter M
                It should be functional. As I stated, all you should have to do is hit Updates. That shouldn't be such a problem. If there is still an issue with it then something else is wrong with the installation and perhaps it needs to be uninstalled, cleaned using the MCPR tool (in my sig)/reinstalled.

                As I said, I've done it here many times without issues.
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                  It should be functional, but... it is not.

                  I restore my computer to a restore point from the previous day and quickly get an alert "your computer is not fully protected"

                  Then on McAfee "Click here to fix protection problems" which I do. It goes for half a minute or so, then says "one or more protection problems could not be fixed".

                  So... I go to the internet unprotected and hit update and wait while the entire McAfee product is re-downloaded. All the while I am unprotected on a wireless network that seems to have malicious traffic.

                  I got wireshark and networkminer to see what was going on between my computer and the network. Many times my computer will receive traffic from places where I have accounts, but with whom I have not communicated during that session. As if firefox were logged into the site, but it is not.

                  It is exactly the kind of thing I get a security program to protect me from, and McAfee doesn't seem to be effective there.

                  The fact that McAfee is disabled every time I put my computer back is just the icing.
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                    Peter M
                    I think you are being totally unreasonable expecting everything to function normally after a system restore. Perhaps you should not use that particular wireless network?
                    System Restore is something that should only be resorted to rarely, but it would seem that it's routine for your setup, so I would be looking into changing it.
                    Anyway, obviously you don't agree with me and as we are all unpaid volunteers here, perhaps you would prefer to speak to a professional.

                    Technical Support is linked at top left of the page or in my signature.
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                      I've used system restore in combination with older McAfee versions (2007 series or older, I'm not sure).

                      Why did I try to go to a previous restore point ? Because there were problems, which made the system unworkable, and the only solution seemed to go to a previous restore point. Which often did not work, for reasons as mentioned by vinod r2 .

                      Just 'updating' to get everything OK never worked. Again, I had this isssue with older McAfee versions.

                      It was always a pain, especially if you had to deal with legacy registry keys/settings which could not easily be removed !

                      So, while I don't know how the newer McAfee versions deal with system restore issues, I think that a complete removal (including MCPR tool etc.) and reinstallation is the best option if there is no easy fix. Although I don't know if that should be attempted before or after going back to a previous system restore point ...

                      Here an imaging or rollback system comes in handy !
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                        Peter M
                        I've found this FAQ regarding System Restore and McAfee, recommending that people uninstall McAfee before doing it.
                        http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100328&lang=en_US&prior_tid=2&An swerID=16777217&turl==http%3A%2F%2Fkb.mcafee.com%2Finfocenter%2Findex%3Fpage%3Dc ontent%26id%3DTS100328%26actp%3Dsearch

                        I would recommend enabling Windows Firewall during this period to afford some protection.
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                          I'm just curious, if you uninstall McAfee and then go back to a previous restore point, will that restore point not contain 'stuff' from McAfee, or links to the McAfee 'stuff', thus making a mess of things ? I could imagine that running MCPR etc after you've gone back to your previous restore point could remove that.

                          I'm curious if it would work.

                          Note: I did read the FAQ.
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