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    "Your Computer is Not Protected" -  Won't Stay Fixed

      For about a month, I have been trying to resolve this problem, my protection turns off every 30 minutes or so and I get a pop-up advising that my computer is not protected. When I open the security suite, the "Computer & Files" and the "E-mail & IM" are turned off and i hit "fix" to turn them back on. Then, in about 30 minutes, the same warning returns. One of the other problems that coincides is my email and internet explorer take 60 - 120 seconds to open after I click on the icon. It's like a delayed reaction.

      when i try to fix with virtual technician, the program states there are things that can't be fixed. however, if i just open security suite and hit the fix button, it seems to correct. However, if i open up the viruscan portion, it's still turned off. And, in any case, it's a temporary fix (if it's even really fixing). in 30 minutes, the same warning appears.

      i have scanned my computer for viruses, malware, etc, and used mcafee, microsoft and other providers' scans to identify any viruses or other problems - they never find any.

      i have contacted mcafee multiple times and been on the tech chat line for hours (literally) explaining my problem. i have downloaded stinger, uninstalled/reinstalled, done cmd prompts, tried to go to an earlier registry.....nothing works. mcafee chat help has been no help. one guy wanted me to reinstall my os. another said i should pay for virus removal without even trying to fix it. VERY frustrating.

      OS: Vista
      McAfee Security Suite version 9.3
      Viruscan version 13.3

      NEW INFORMATION: I have now uninstalled the mcafee and installed AVG free virus software instead. All the problems are gone. The virus scan works normally. The email and IE both open in 3-5 seconds. The problem is somehow connected with the mcafee software.

      I would still like to use mcafee, but not at the expense of all the problems it causes. Any suggestions for a REAL fix? thank you. richard