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    major connection issues with Mcafee Internet sec 2009

      I have been recommending and installing Mcafee internet security for a number of years on some of my clients PC's in Small business. In December 2008 one of my clients upgraded to Internet security 2009 on a 4 PC network. Since installing this product my clients has difficulty contacting some secure sites they have access to for order planning. I have problems connecting via a remote application called Logmein (similar to go to my PC). What is happening is I can connect for around 20 seconds before the connection fails and disconnects me. Futher the Dlink router also keeps disconnecting. The firewall on the Dlink has been turned off so that cant be the issue. Also IE7 has had the recent critical updates applied. can I get any sense out of Mcafee tech support? NO! all they say is uninstall and then reinstall which does not resolve the problem. Can any one help?