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    Easy Network Share Files Problem


      This is the problem I am facing and I would like your help. I have McAfee Total Protection 2009 for 3 PCs, all connected in my home network.

      PC1 (old pc) is running Windows XP SP3
      PC2 (new pc) is running Windows XP SP3
      PC3 (laptop) is running Windows Vista SP1

      The problem is with EasyNetwork and file sharing. Whenever I share a file from old and new PC, it does not appear in the list of the EasyNetwork window of the laptop. The opposite works: Whenever I share a file from the laptop, both the new and old PC can access it from EasyNetwork window. The communication between old and new pc is absolutely OK. So is the problem with the laptop? Do I need to change some settings somewhere?

      Can anybody please help?

      Marinos K
      Athens, Greece