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    Updates routine turns off protection

      I used to see only occasional shut off of protection in Security Center 8.
      Now, every time an update occurs in version 9, whether it is a virus definition update
      or other component, at least two protection features become turned off
      a few minutes after completion of the "background" update process.
      Most of the time clicking the Fix button turns protection back on but it sometimes
      it takes a couple of attempts after alerts of: unkown errors/problems resulting in failure
      to re-initialize the protection.
      Any clues on how to make the updates behave???

      The only guess I can come up with is, perhaps, to allow Security Center updates to proceed to until completely finished before activating any other applications that might impede/interfere with the update as it interacts with the System.
      This, however, will mean turning on the computer and walking away for about twenty minutes... not a productive use of computing time, I must say

      Thanks for any assistance.
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          Please clarify
          What is the operating system that you use?

          Go to Start > right click My Computer > click on Properties and on the General tab you'll find all the information, incl. any installed Service Packs.

          What is the Dat version of McAfee Virus Scan (McAfee Security Center-> Click in the Bottom Right Corner About  McAfee Virus scan Dat created Date and version) ?
          Do you experience any kind of pop-ups or Alert regarding the Virus/spyware in the computer?
          If you don’t have any try to update the Windows Update completely including Optional (Open Internet Explore-> Tools-> Windows Update)

          Windows Vista: Open Welcome Center by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Welcome Center.
          Check if your version of Windows is up-to-date at: Windows Update. Use the "Custom" button. This way you also get the "Optional" updates as well as the "Critical" updates/patches.
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            some details...

            Windows XP SP2

            Securtiy Center 9 DAT version 5522.0000 is the latest update
            to shut down protection.

            Most of the time the "X" just appears on the Mcafee icon.
            Sometimes a Secruity Center popup alert indicates system not fully protected

            I have yet to install Windows SP3... on this somewhat older computer, which I suppose might have a connection
            in the sense that it is not in line with "updated to the latest software" approach of troubleshooting
            My gut feeling is that this should not be the problem.

            this is the scenario:
            Mcafee automatically downloads latest updates (virus dat, spam, sec center etc.)
            >Mcafee installs downloaded updates> red X appears and/or alert pops up indicating features

            Hope this helps

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              Thank you for the Information but Can you provide the Error message that you get in the Right hand side panel of the McAfee security center when it shows Red X in the Security center?
              Make sure McAfee service is checked in the service tab under System configuration utility. (Start-Run-Type msconfig – click on service tab)

              This might happen if any McAfee Service is disabling or if we have any Malware infection in the computer
              Try to run the free versions of Malware removal tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php clean anything it detected.

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                I don't have the exact error alert wording...
                my recollection is: (in the Protection status pane) that certain features are not enabled, plus the option to enable them by clicking the "FIX"
                My sense is that during the McAfee updating process that some Service Configuration gets turned off in order to successfully install the update but that Services do not get switched back on.

                I will look into running some malware detection when I get a chance.

                Would it more appropriate to turn off Restore function in Windows XP
                and then run a full scan with McAfee? to root out any problematic file that
                cannot get deleted with System Restore function enabled?

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                  You can also scan your computer safe mode

                  System Restore will take the system to previous setting where you have to update the McAfee Detection signature files again before performing the manual scan.

                  But, I would appreciate if you can perform the McAfee Virtual Technician scan in the computer give us the Session ID number.

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                    just touching base: I have not had time yet to
                    proceed further but I will get back to you soon.
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                      Do I post session id here or email?
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                        Please post the MVT Session id here and let us know if you are able to detect any infection while running the Malware removal tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

                        • 9. MVT Health check session id
                          ID 15663958

                          Malwarebytes detected "Trace" "infections"
                          no action taken. It is my understanding (as per Malwarebytes web site forums) that these trace "infections" detected are not problematic. One of them seems to be an old log file
                          for some past Norton antivirus installation or scan. I do recall at one point purging
                          any remnants of Norton application files, a while ago, as recommended by McAfee.

                          Back to the Malwarebytes scan:
                          I did not delete the "detected" files as two of them are registry keys for which it is not clear
                          whether deleting them is advisable and as, according to Malwarebytes support, are not infected but may have been at one time.

                          I should mention that the installation of malwarebytes seems to have caused
                          negative performance symptoms on the computer.
                          And I find it odd that the Malwarebytes scan detected a "Trace" file in the general scan
                          but does not give a detection notice for the same file if scanned manually/individually.

                          Securtiy Center is still being disabled within minutes of automatic McAfee updates.
                          And now after clicking the "Fix" button I observe an alert pop-up stating that some
                          items could not be fixed due to unknown error... then Security Center proceeds
                          to indicate that protection is "Fixed" ,by virtue of the Green Yes, and fully operable.

                          Somewhat of a lack of clarity all around I would say.

                          Thanks for any further assistance.
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