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    Security Center says not protected

      Hello All,

      My Security Center says that my PC is not protected. When I press the Fix button, I get a box that says: "Fixing your protection ites. Please wait." left to right and, finally, a message that says: "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error."

      Here my vital statistics:

      Security Center version 9.0
      Build: 9.0.295

      VirusScan version: 13.0
      Build: 13.0.218

      Personal Firewall version: 10.0
      Build: 10.0.209

      I ran the McAfee Virtual Technicial to no avail. It detected some errors, but when I selected Autofix, it came back with a message that not everything could be fixed.

      Please help!
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          I'm having same exact issue. Have been on tech chat with Dell and McAfee. Have uninstalled and installed 3 times but still have same problem. Fix button only fixes 1 of the two problems. Message "signature detection files between 8 and 29 days old. Manual scan for updates does nothing. help!
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            Both you uninstall (Only if you can confirm you can log into your account and software available there) and reinstall. Uninstall via the link in my sig.

            This 1st test to see if there is something wider amiss or just a corrupt install.

            We are getting In versions 8 and 9 a "you are not protected" message but in version9 fix works. For it not to work indicates deeper issues.

            New version 9.3 being installed on random Pcs though it will not fix this issue we need to wait for a later version.

            Try the reinstall.
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              I checked my software and found that is is NOT 9.0. I have Sec Center 8.1. Does your advice still apply? Computer is showing protected because I uninstalled and installed on 1/19/08 so will see what happens after 8 days. I also double checked system time and time zone and it is correct.
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                Dell is slowly updating to version 9 I would uninstall and reinstall that might
                1 fix the issue
                2 get you version 9 which has the issue but fix works well and the issue is being fixed soon.
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                  Same here. I posted my problem yesterday. 9.0 appears to have problems.

                  How do you identify what could not be fixed? Seems strange that an error message is displayed without the details.
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                    The error message in v9 when clicked on opens the security centre. When open it shows what is not enabled usually computer and files and email. Clicking fix fixes things and if you then click on the arrow next to these you see everything is back.