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    Easy Network Won't Stop Sharing Files

      I'm having a strange problem with Easy Network V. 3 on Vista Ultimate 32bit. I can share files between by networked computers just fine, but on my Vista machine, I can't stop sharing files that are located on an external Western Digital MyBook Drive. The error I receive when I try to unshare the files is "Can't stop sharing drives on another computer" Easy Network is seeing the external drive as another computer. How do I get Easy Network to stop sharing these files?
        • 1. Figured it Out
          I figured it out, but what a pain to fix. The message about not being able to unshare files on another computer pops up everytime you unshare a file. I had inadvertently shared the entire external drive. There were over 61,000 files. I had to unshare them a few hundred at a time or it wouldn't work. As far as I'm concerned East Network isn't. It is a lousy piece of software.