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    Seecurity Center won't open

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to solve a problem with my Dad's version of McAfee on his computer. He has had McAfee on his computer for a few years now with no problems. But recently it appears to have stopped functioning.

      The small M appears in the notification area but when you double click on it to bring up security centre all you get is the splash screen and then nothing. After checking in the windows security center is says that the firewall and virus scan can't be detected.

      To try and solve this I intended to uninstall the program and then reinstall it. But when i tried to do this in Windows Add/Remove programs I ahd the same problem. I clicked on Remove and nothing happened. So I used the McAfee software removal tool to uninstall all components. this all worked ok.

      Then I downloaded the software again but when i clicked on it to setup nothing happens.

      It only appears to be McAfee that this problem is happening with and as far as i'm aware there has been nothing new installed on the computer recently.

      Does anyone have any ideas how I can get McAfee back onto the computer?

      Thanks in advance!