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    MCPR Removal Tool

      I had an older McAfee program from another source and then I got the MSN McAfee that is offerered from Qwest and McAfee website used to have a MCPR removal tool to remove all of the McAfee program that could be left behind when you do a uninstall from Add/Remove Programs. This is all very helpful tool if you ever do a system restore to a past date since when you do that some of files are not fully removed and can cause problems with a reinstall of McAfee. My question is what happened to the MCPR McAfee Removal tool. The page comes up but with an error on the page. I know you have to have a removal tool in case people want to change to another AV program. I had to go into my computer and remove all of the McAfee folders before I reinstalled the MSN McAfee version. Please tell me if you have renamed it or where the McAfee Removal Tool can be found. Thank You