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    McAfee tray icon disappears after a few - unable to open security center 9.0

      I am running WindowsXP SP3 and all of a sudden i boot up and the McAfee Security Center icon appears in the system tray, but dissapears shortly after. I cannot open the security center from the shortcut either. I ran the Virtual Technician and it found errors which I "fixed" and still no luck. I unistalled McAfee and, wow my Thunderbird EMail downloads emails about 100x faster (thats for another post). I then ran latest MS Malicious Removal Tool and it found and removed Alcan.B and Alcan.D worms (which the McAfee website has no information on).:confused:

      There is no IE8 beta or other virus sw installed.

      I reinstalled McAfee Total Protection and the same problem still exists. No access to Security Center!!!

      I ran the Virtual Technician and it found 2 problems... I select Get More Detail and it shows only 1 problem. I "fixed it" and the session id is: 14782801

      I then immediately ran it again and again found 2 problems... this time I did an autofix and the session id is: 14782896

      I selected rescan it said no problems found (id: 14783081) but still no security center!!!:mad:

      Please help as even though I was just charged for another year subscription I am seriously looking to change to another security sw product.