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    Total Protection and Windows Accounts

      I initially had problems installing my new McAfee Total Protection on the laptop but thanks to this forum it is now installed.

      The problem I now have is that in my wife's account the Security Center opens a blank window. When I right click on the Security Center icon to check subscription or check up to date McAfee gives me an ok.
      I ran MVT in her account and it told me that no McAfee products were installed. Should I re-install from her account? Is her account protected?

      In my account everything works fine except MVT that crashes with the following: AppName: mvtapp[1].exe AppVer: ModName: mcplugins.dll.

      On the desktop everything works fine for both our accounts.

      Windows Media Center, SP3
      Explorer 7

      Thanks for any feedback,


      Edited: Problem solved! I uninstalled, used the preinstall and cleanup tools in both accounts then re-installed.