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      hi. i was trying to install McAfee Total Protection on Windows7 beta. but when running DMSetup.exe , it always say that (the ver of windows was not supported) . is there a work around on this problem?
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          Vinod R


          Windows 7 is in Beta stage and is not supported on compatible till its a full product.
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            This is an incredibly short sighted attitude by McAfee. Three competitors, AVG, Norton and Kaspersky have already provided working (or Beta) products to allow us to test with. I would prefer to use McAfee as I've been a long time customer and feel relatively safe with the product, but if McAfee has no interest in trying to keep customers then I'll have to review my loyalties.

            I, like probably most people testing Windows 7, would understand that there may well be potential glitches so would be prepared to put up with some problems. but burrying your head in the sand and waiting for the final product is unacceptable. I'd be willing to bet that at least someone in your company has a version up and running for testing purposes, why not expose it for wider testing like your competitors.
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              Try this and post back with results

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                Peter M
                The only Norton product that works is Norton 360 2009 Beta 3 and with mixed results. Kaspersky also gives mixed results. The only fault-free anti-virus I've found that works on Windows 7 is Avast Free. Windows Firewall is improved on Windows 7 so suffices in lieu of a good software firewall. Comodo Security Suite provides a rather cumbersome way of giving yourself a software firewall and is by no means satisfactory and is hell to remove if and when you choose to.

                The subject has been flogged to death on the Seven Forums and elsewhere.

                FYI on our last conference call with McAfee management I already broached the subject of Norton being "ahead of the game" and I got the answer that while McAfee will continue with the policy of not supporting anything beta, a future beta version may support Windows 7 Beta. So I guess that you should stay tuned to the beta website linked in THIS post and to Microsoft's "partner" web page which mentions that other partners will be added in due course.
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                  Didn't work for me, went through MVT process and then on to the "continue" stage and was quickly told that it was an unsupported system.
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                    Peter M
                    The last I heard was that the beta products may be compatible in a future version "probably sometime this summer".

                    I have a feeling that it was more by accident than design that Norton beta 3 has compatibility, but then I never liked Norton since Symantec took them over.
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                      I assume that you mean the Northern Summer as we're in what passes for summer in the Southern tropics at the moment.

                      I tried the AVG version linked from the Microsoft Windows 7 site and wasn't particularly impressed. Removed it, with a couple of BSOD's, and as the McAfee one wouldn't install I tried the Norton one. Was reminded of why I gave it up years ago.

                      Speaking of Symantec taking over things, I was a user of PCTools Spyware Doctor but as it seemed to be forever in using users as beta testers the final straw was Symantec taking them over recently and I'm not renewing it.

                      While I may have a few gripes about McAfee, it does seem to adequately protect our PC's.
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                        Peter M
                        Yes I meant what passes for summer in these latitudes...!! So July, August-ish & that's only a maybe. :p

                        For Windows 7 I would thoroughly recommend Avast A/V. Once installed you'll notice 2 taskbar icons. Right-click the other one (than that "A" one) and you can combine them into one...easier.

                        It's really neat in that has voice audio prompts when an update is installed. You can of course turn them off. You can also set it to auto-update both DAT's and engine or DAT's only, plus you can set it to visually stamp outgoing and incoming emails and newsgroup messages if desired.
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                          I was hoping to use a complete Firewall/AV package but may have to just try and configure the inbuilt Windows Firewall. Would've preferred the McAfee package so as to directly compare performance with the other PC's.

                          I've got the Win7 on an identical drive to my normal, but Raid1, drives and it's a slow process to physically shut down and change over the internal connectors all the time. If the storms outside get any closer I'll have to shut down for the night anyway, and weather permitting, SHMBO has work planned for tomorrow and the weekend. Summer here is the Wet/cyclone season.
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