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    Fake Windows Security Alert in system tray

      Help! A week ago, I got infected with a virus/trojan/malware (Vundo, others) that caused:
      (a) pop-up advertisements to go rampant
      (b) a fake windows security alert to show up in my system tray

      I was running a current McAfee at the time (virus protection, firewall, etc).
      I am still running McAfee, but also downloaded and ran Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware. These found additional registery items plus I blocked internet explorer (I'm a firefox guy anyway) and the pop-ups stopped, but the fake security alert is still in my system tray. I know it is fake because it says Windows Updates if off and Windows Firewall is on. I can tell that both of these statements are incorrect when I pull up the proper screen(s) from control panel (I have Windows firewall off because I'm using McAfee's).

      Can someone help me get this fake windows security alert out of my system tray?

      I appreciate your time and insight!