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    Cannot Get to McAfee Website to Download

      I have talked with McAfee chat support twice now and after each time my computer has gotten worse.

      Right now, I can't get any browswer (IE7 or Firefox) to go to the McAfee website so that I can download my renewed software I bought yesterday.

      Here's what's been done:
      Edited the hosts file
      Uninstalled McAfee software (as well as several other programs)
      Ran the MCPR clean-up software support tech sent me
      Unchecked the box for certificate verification in IE settings

      My wireless connection is working. I'm posting this from an iMac sitting right next to my PC. After doing everything the support techs told me, my computer now will only start up 50% of the time. It has popups everywhere....error messages everywhere having to do with the hosts file.

      Anyone have any suggestions on what to do now?