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    Do I have to reinstall after I renew?

      My software has been expired for a couple of weeks, and I finally got around to renewing yesterday. It successfully renewed, and my copy of McAfee said that my subscription was verified. From there, it got all of the updates and now says it is up-to-date.
      (this is not a trial version that I renewed, I renewed my trial last year and installed the full version, which is what I a renewing now)

      Is everything good now, or is a reinstall required? I read about it somewhere, and I don't know if it only applies to those with an older version. Mine is the newer one that it updated to a couple of months ago. (2009, I believe)

      Thanks! happy
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          Vinod R

          If the subscription date on the McAfee Security centre stands revised then all is good else you may have to re-install
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            I view that by pressing the "verify subscripton" button, right? It says that my subscription is verified when I click it.
            Other than that, the only way I know how to check the expiration date is by logging into my McAfee account. I have never been able to view it in the security center. Also, I thought about going ahead and reinstalling from my account, but when I try to uninstall, it warns me that my subscription is currently active. I suppose I don't have to reinstall after all! :)

            The services and everything else are okay too, virtual technician turns up fine, and that renewal message has not re-appeared since I renewed and installed all of the updates I missed.