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    Activating and Unactivating?

      Ok, I really don't know if this goes here or if this is the version we have. But, here's the story-

      Had an old computor that had mcafee, got a new one, want to unactivate mcafee on the first one and reactivate it on the old one without paying anything.

      First, can i do that?

      Second, How would i do that?

      So I really dont know the version but it would apply to all versions.......right?
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          You probably mean you want to unactivate it on the old PC, and reactivate it on the new PC?

          I suppose you could do that:
          - simply uninstall McAfee from the old PC
          - install McAfee on the new PC, and register as a Current (excisting) User with the same e-mail address you used the first time.

          Note: McAfee before 2006 does not support Vista, so if the new PC has Vista check which version of McAfee you have first.