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    many problems

      I'm on my 2nd day of the 30 day trial for the McAfee Total Protection 2009.
      for now I'll just try to list them.

      1 scan aborts on a 109 mb exe that's a self dissolving rar. I've cut it up into 20mb pieces and gonna try a 3rd time. Haven't been able to do a full scan yet.

      2 the siteadvisor has been trying to install itself 3 shots at a time since I reinstalled firefox. and failing every time. I'm looking at 3 of the install things for it now. I have UAC on, and I'm online in the standard account. I have to passwiord allow all 3. I denied them just b4 I started writing this. They've failed several times already. Had no problem the 1st time, but it's now just annoying.

      3 I saw the firewall stealth setting, read about it and promptly tried it at grc.com on the shields up tester. It promptly failed. Last firewall I had pass was an old version of trend pcccillin.

      There's a few other things, but I forgot to write them down. Just getting into this forum took all day.