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    How to temporary disable SC??

      Why is there no easy button or right click option to temporarily disable SC?? There are many times this is important, like when gaming and needing MAX resources. Not to mention other times when other programs need it disabled to run properly.

      I've even tried killing ALL (all million that is) processes, but they all just regenerate.

      There seems no way to disable SC and remove the processes? How annoying!
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          We don’t have any option to disable the complete McAfee Security Center, however you can disable the programs one by one (E.g.: Click on Computer & Files> Click on Advanced> Turn off the protection)

          You can also disable these services permanently by the following (but it’s not recommended)

          Click on Start> Click on Run> Type MSConfig> Click on Ok> Select the Services Tab> Mark a check mark on Hide all Microsoft Services on the left bottom> Uncheck all the McAfee Services inside the window> Click on OK close it and reboot the computer
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            Ok thanks for the tips

            There really does need to be an easier way to totally kill the processes, otherwise I, and I'm sure others will be turning to competitor's products that offer the same protection with more user control. Especially since McAfee uses so many processes to begin with.

            Thanks anyways
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              Thanks , but please do get back to us if you have any more concerns