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    I don't think SiteAdvisor Plus is working properly

      One of the features on McAfee Total Protection 2009, SiteAdvisor Plus, says that it will give a website safety rating for links in emails and instant messages. I told my friend to type in some websites while we were talking on Windows Live Messenger, and SiteAdvisor Plus didn't give a safety rating for the websites he typed (e.g. www.youtube.com, www.google.com, etc.). I don't know if it wasn't downloaded properly or just isn't functioning.


      I have McAfee Security Center 9.0.
        • 1. safety ratings

          if siteadvisor is properly installed by default it should show ratings beside links...

          please try this and post back fo results...

          go to either google.com or yahoo.com and then try to search a website or a web page... check the results if they have check marks or Xs...
          • 2. RE: safety ratings
            I just searched up some websites on the Google search engine, and the websites were getting ratings (Check marks, Exclamation Marks, and X's). My problem is with SiteAdvisor Plus, the feature that is able to check website links, and give ratings to them on emails, instant messages, etc.