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    Browser Hijack Virus

      I contracted a Browser hijack virus a few days ago, I have up until now only used free anti virus software (Avira & Norton) But after I got this Virus I decided it was time to buy something better, I purchased the complete McAfee protection pack, however I can not use the mcAfee download manager to install it. it seems the browser hijack virus is blocking the download.

      I've tried downloading the software I baught from mcAfeee in safe mode, I have also tried several times to execute system re-stores (also in safe mode) I've run AVG and Avira and Norton all in safe mode, nothing got picked up, it also seems that all the system restore points have been corupted and will not work.

      My mcAfee dowload manager is still being blocked, I still recieving pop ups and being re directed to adertising and porn sites by the virus.

      Can anyone help? I know it's Christmas eve and there is litle chance that anyone is willing to spare any time on this for me but if you can I would be very greatfull.

      Regards Esther.