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    incorrect expiration

      HI! - I have 2 computers on which I have McAfee installed.
      I JUST renewed my subscription, so I downloaded and installed the latest McAfee Total Protection on both computers.
      First I should note that on my computer, McAfee says it expired (which is why I renewed), but on the other computer it says it didn't expire until 4/4/09.
      I am not sure why this happened in the first place, but figured it didn't matter at this point, since I was installing the new version on both (from the same account).
      So it installed and is running fine on both computers, but while the expiration on mine says 12/22/09, the other says it expires 9/3/09!
      How can we get that computer's local McAfee application to see 12/22/09 as the expiration date?
      Thank you!
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          That computer is still saying 9/3/09 expiration.
          maybe it helps to mention that both computers are running Windows XP SP3.

          I did read another thread from a while ago that suggested uninstalling, deleting all McAfee files, using the removal tool and all that, and then re-downloading and installing.
          I'm wondering though - will my account view that as having been installed on 3 computers then?

          Thanks for any and all help.
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            make sure that the time/date/year/time zone are correct for all computers. by the way, did you purchased separate licenses for all computers?
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              I am having the same problem. I installed VirusScan Plus 2009 to replace an earlier version. When I go online my account is up to date through December 2009, but the Security Center date on my PC still says my subscription expired in December 2008. The time/date on my computer is accurate. I wouldn't care about this except for one thing ... I get that stupid pop up notice once or twice a day telling my I need to renew and giving me two options. One option is to renew now, the other is to be reminded later. Apparently McAfee won't take no for an answer.

              I have free telephone technical support, but I was kept on hold so long I had to give up. I was hoping this forum might provide a solution.

              Please help!
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                try to do a complete reinstall of the products:

                - run the McAfee Removal Tool here.
                - do a complete search of the McAfee folders and delete them (including the hidden ones)
                - reinstall the products from your account

                hope it helps
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                  Sorry it took me so long to try this -

                  So the link you provided for the removal tool did not work,
                  but I was able to get it here:

                  I did as you suggested,
                  and now it is correct!
                  Thank you so much for your help. grin