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    Trying to register McAfee

      I'm not sure if I'm posting this on the right board or not. I recently bought McAfee Total Protection 2009 for my PC. I installed it. My Protection Status says "Am I Protected? No". When I click Fix, the box comes up in the corner of the screen that says I need to register. I checked the box for Register my products now and clicked OK. NOTHING HAPPENS. The box comes up all the time and when I click OK, the box dissappears and nothing happens. What is the problem? I've re-installed it and that did not fix it, I emailed support and they sent me a link to the FAQ's, none of them are my problem, I downloaded McAfee Virtual Technican and that did not fix it either. What is wrong??? I just bought this McAfee software and I'm not even protected sad :mad: Please help!!