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    Problem with updates


      I've been having a problem with updating my viruscan. What seems to be happening is that it will download the updates, but when it moves to install them it comes up with the message 'McAfee VirusScan API Daily Update Module has encountered a problem and needs to close.'.

      I ran the anti spyware programmes mentioned in this forum (as well as Mcafee's free online scan, which came back clean), then tried uninstalling and running the MCPR tool, then reinstalling. It was unable to run the preinstall scan during installation without crashing and the problem with updating continued.

      I've been in contact with McAfee support, who directed me to replace my hosts file and run a separate update application, but no joy. I've been in contact with McAfee through chat who first told me I needed to remove the spyware programmes mentioned above (no help) and then that they couldn't help any more.

      Would anyone have any ideas here?
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          hi, can you please post the version of McAfee products that you have (Click on About on MSC). Also please post the computer's OS specs: RAM, processor, service pack version, IE version.

          try running MVT from http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt and post the session ID here.
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            Thanks for the reply. The details are as follows:

            McAfee: Security Center 9.0.295, Viruscan 13.0.232, Firewall 10.0.209, SiteAdvisor 2.8, AntiSpam 10.0.162, Parental Controls 11.0.378, Easy Network 3.0.154, Backup and Restore 3.0.131.

            Laptop: Windows Xpnull Media Center Edition (Build 2600), 2GB RAM, AMD Turion 64 MK-36 2.0GHz, Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13.

            I ran MVT, Session ID: 13905220.

            Hope you can help.
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              Try to do an uninstallation again, but after running the MCPR tool, do a search of all McAfee files and folders and delete them (especially in Program Files and C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data and C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Local Settings/Application Data). Also search for relevant McAfee registry keys (be careful in doing so and make sure you make a backup copy of your Registry) and remove them.

              also make sure your Windows is fully updated, including Java.

              please keep us updated.
              • 4. No third parties

                Please also make sure that you don't have a third party application (another antivirus installed in the computer) e.g. norton/symantec...

                if you did use another antivirus software try to run the removal tool for that particular program...

                removal tools for third parties are found here...

                if you decide to reinstall the mcafee software make sure that you run MCPR...

                hope this helps... happy