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    Other profiles unable to access McAfee

      So I downloaded and installed McAfee just the other day on my profile on my PC. I run XP IE7. Now no other profile can access McAfee and other programs stopped running on their profile.

      Short of unistalling McAfee - what are my options?

      BTW - the other profiles are my kids and all are administrator.

      Thank you
        • 1. RE: Other profiles unable to access McAfee

          can you please post the complete OS specs: RAM, processor, service pack version.

          when you mean the other profiles can't access McAfee, do you mean it only displays a blank page. if you're getting a specific error, please post it here.

          do you have any other antivirus software aside from McAfee? if you have, you must remove it as it will conflict with your security software.

          • 2. OS and whatever
            WinXP. As for Ram and other specs on my PC....don't really know. Other then the previous antivirus program ran without a hitch. I'm only running McAfee because my bank is paying for it (no offense to McAfee).

            I uninstalled my previous antivirus program before installing McAfee last week. Brand new version of McAfee. Whatever is available right now for download. I didn't pay attention to version and can't seem to see an "about" on the security center to find out what version.

            My problem is that McAfee Security Center will not display on other profiles - it is only a blank screen.

            Other issues on other profiles include, inability to access Win Media Player 8, IE 7.0 is very hard to navigate - freezes, unable to access Myspace on other profiles and a few other programs just don't respond.

            This is only on the other profiles. The profile that I downloaded and installed McAfee on works fine.

            I installed it on the C drive under Program files and not in my user profile.

            Sorry if I sound gruff but this is getting frustrating. I have other profiles on my PC so that my teenage kids have their own login.
            • 3. RE: OS and whatever
              run IERegfix and see if it fixes the blank McAfee page

              btw, what was your previous antivirus software?
              • 4. Messing with the Registry?
                Before I mess with the REG I need to know why only the profiles that did not download McAfee are effected. I don't like messing with the REG. Last time I tried a REG fix program it killed my keyboard:mad:.

                You do not state if you are advising to run this REG program in my profile that is fine or the ones that are not.:confused:

                Previous antivirus was Avira. happy
                • 5. before touching the registry,,

                  try uninstalling mcafee using the removal tool then reinstall it with one of the user accounts on the computer with administrator rights, not on the user account you have installed it before..
                  • 6. Administrator rights
                    All users have the rights so uninstalling and re-installing will not make a difference.

                    Can anyone help me? Please.