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    I keep being unprotected warnings

      I believe I might have a similar problem to others, but I will describe it in case there is anything that is unique.

      Every other night (or every night) I am getting the warning that my computer isn't protected. It says that Email, internet, computer, files, are not protected.

      The computer grinds to a halt, and when I eventually get to click on fix, the computer grinds to a halt again for 15 minutes and then says it is unable to fix it. No matter how many times I click fix it never does and the only solution is to reboot, after which everything is fine until a day or so later when the problem starts again.

      I have tried some of the suggested remedies of reinstalling, looking for spyware etc. It has made no difference so far. (and no problems were found)

      I noticed tonight that this problem occured immediately after the mcafee tray icon was showing it was installing software - presumably after an update.

      I also notice that most (every?) time it happens I get a log entry saying that "real-time virus protection was enabled". I am presuming this is following the download of the update.

      I am running Windows Vista

      SC build 9.0.295
      Virus scan build 13.0.218

      Any suggestions - other than the obligatory reinstall...