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    installation folder when upgrading to 5.2

      Hi all,

      I want to update to versionm 5.2 from 5.x. i have read the manual about upgrading but one thing is not clear to me. Do I need to install the new version into it's default path, or do I need to install it in the old path (e.g. d:\sbadmin) ? :confused:
      Thanks for your reply.
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          which product?

          If it's EEM, install it into the same directory as before, after backing up of course.
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            I refer you to my post last week


            I am just about to upgrade our test rig from build 5600 to V5.2, I have checked in the documents that came with the download, and in the pfdf update and migration guide the last version mentioned is upgrading from V5x to V5.1.x.
            So I need to confirm do i use this guide to update from build 5600 to V5.2 or is there another guide.

            I still havnt got a satisfactory reply as to if the documentation is correct or not, as it dosnt mention the various installs etc, is there an uptodate giude? if so where?
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              The upgrade is actually pretty simple. Back up your safeboot folder. I prefer to just back up the entire sbadmin folder on the server after stopping the services. Install the new MEE encrpytion to the same pathway. There are two installs now, one is for the console, the other is for the clients. Install the Console first, once done, install the client side. When installing, make sure you choose the same encryption alg. and select the components you want to install (Client files, connectors, readers, etc.). Once you are done go into the console and select the systems tab. On the endpoint Encryption File groups you will want to right click and select update file groups. This will give you all the options you selected during the install for readers, client files, etc. Select the ones you want to import and you are good. Now its just a matter of associating the new filessets to your clients. There is more in the upgrade guide which is pretty much the same through out the versions, but this is the short and simple explanation.
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                To more directly answer your question.
                Yes the guide that comes with 5.2 does say "Upgrading the Endpoint Encryption Manager and Client from V5.x to V5.1.x" It does apply to upgrading to 5.2 but the documentation has not been updated. It should probably be worded something like "Upgrading the Endpoint Encryption Manager and Client from V5.x to V5.2.x" but the knowledge contained is mostly correct, except for the referencing of the SBAdmin folder since it is now McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager.