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    AOL password checking and System Guards

      I have at last found a sort of workaround to the AOL Password Checking versus System Guards problem and wonder whether it would be of any help to other users.

      Start AOL normally and as soon as the Checking Password message comes I run the following two line batch file from my desktop and it seems to work as AOL goes straight into the normal screens. (Process_Stopper comes from Beyond Logic.)

      C:\Process_stopper\process -k mcsysmon.exe
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan\mcsysmon.exe

      Question to McAfee ---- Is the routine causing a problem anywhere or have I found the answer??
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          This problem is because, too many sites have been added in to your Internet Explorer restricted sites list.

          If you are using IE-7 reset your IE to factory settings.

          Open IE-> Click on tools-> Internet options-> Advanced-> Reset .
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            Thanks for the solution. I and many others have been looking for this for some time now!
            I use Firefox in preference to IE but I have applied the reset and it appears to work. However my stop and start of mcsysmon also seems to work just as well. I have modified it a bit as follows if anyone does not wish to reset IE.

            C:\Process_stopper\process -k mcsysmon.exe
            cd C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan
            mcsysmon -regserver
            net start mcsysmon

            regards to all