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    IE8 Compatability

      I know you advise that you will not support beta software, but IE8 is due out soon and I would have thought you would want to show customers you are ready for this.

      My subscription ends soon so I need to renew, but I do not want a security suite that does not allow me to use the latest browsers.

      Will you be releasing a new version or simply issuing an update and if so why the delay?
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          Peter M
          When IE8 final is announced, and there is no indication that the final release is imminent, McAfee will have updated already to be compatible.
          They are working with Microsoft on the current issues with beta 2.
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            Vinod R

            Again its a Beta software means its not meant for production machine. its intended only for testing.

            when the IE-8 becomes a full product there is no reason why it would not work. till then there is no point to fix the issue as there is alikel chance that they wil change it again as its not final product.
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              Thanks for that reassurance.

              I am just impatient to update to IE8 permanently
              • 4. so is there any news?
                becuase i'm also impatient to update to IE8 and i'm sure i'm not the only one:)
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                  Surely it would be good for Mcafee to update the program to allow it to work properly with IE8 and that would ensure it is fit for purpose when IE8 is finally released.

                  If Microsoft make more changes to IE8 before it is released, which causes further compatability problems with McAfee, the situation would be the same whether the program is updated now or not and they would still have the same amount of time to correct it. This makes me wonder have they solved the compatability issues yet.
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                    Peter M
                    It did work. It was beta 2 that put a kibosh on that. McAfee and Microsoft are both working on it. I am sure they will get it fixed by the final release, which isn't going to be for a while yet according to my sources, it's in both their interests to do so after all.
                    Beta 2 has deleterious effects on several applications from what I've read.
                    I uninstalled IE8 on all mine (XP Pro x 2, Vista Ultimate) except for my Windows 7 pre-beta which has its own unique version of IE8. I can't vouch for McAfee on that as I haven't been able to install it so am using other applications.
                    I found IE8 is most definitely a "work in progress" and had to resort to Firefox as my default browser anyway, so I didn't see much point in using it.
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                      with all due respect as far as i know it's going to take a really long time before the final version of IE8 would be released and there is even going to be a beta 3 as far as i know so i'm really not happy with that thet mcafee isn't doing anything about it at least for now
                      and to be honest i might even prefer to uninstall mcafee and install something eles just because of it because i don't want to use a product of a company that is sleeping standing up so to speak i want a product of a company that finds bugs and fix them as soon as possible not one that would wait another six months for this problem to be fixed so please consider this and try to fix this problem as soon as possible and thanks in advance.
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                        Peter M


                        so i'm really not happy with that thet mcafee isn't doing anything about it at least for now

                        What did I just say? McAfee are working on it with Microsoft. I don't call that "isn't doing anything about it"!!
                        Glitches like this are all too common with beta - anything so you have to expect that some things wont work properly.
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                          McAfee security center shouldn't rely on IE in the first place.
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