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    HackerWatch and Personal Firewall Issues on McAfee with O2 disk

      I installed your software free through my o2 installation disc. It contually said after installation that the HackerWatch and Personal Firewall had to be shut down. I heard this has happened with the software before and a solution has been found but as I installed through the o2 disc I am unable to use the solution provided. Please advise!
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          Peter M
          As it's the weekend it would probably be better for you to contact Technical Support Chat. Link at top left of page or in my signature.

          In any case we would need more information.

          Please include the following information:

          What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update?

          What McAfee products do you have? If your taskbar icon is like this: - double-click to open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right of the new window. Post the details from each module.

          Also give details of whether or not you have (or had) any software installed that could compete with McAfee or any older version of McAfee.
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            Version 7.2 of Security Center
            O.S. is Vista (Up to date)
            Brand new computer.
            Came with Norton Trial which I unistalled
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              Peter M
              SC 7.2 is just about obsolete, how old is that disc and does it say on it "Compatible with Vista"? We are up to Security Center 9.0 now.
              If O2 is your ISP then you should be contacting them to get up to date coverage.
              If you previously had registered online with McAfee up to date versions would be sitting on your online account.
              I'm not aware of O2's arrangements with McAfee but they may have their own download page or there is the McAfee UK one here.

              When you uninstalled Norton did you also use their removal tool?

              I would call O2 if I were you and ask them about getting up to date coverage.

              Our removal tool is lnked in my signature, use it after removing software the normal way.
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                I just got the router and disk from them. The installation disk said that it was compatible with vista. I have no idea really.
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                  Peter M
                  OK, if it truly is Security Center 7 which is ancient, then you may have to enlist the help of this link: http://uk.mcafee.com/vista/
                  I'm surprised that they don't offer a download link for the protection.