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    Blue screen - Wireless Network

      My problem occured recently following a Mcafee update. I have a 3-users licence of Total Protection (4 licences). 4 computers are connected to the network. 3 desktops are on Vista and 1 laptop is on XP SP3. The problem is with the XP. No problem with the others. First, at the boot, I get a Windows error message saying that the system has retrieved a serious problem (something related to a recent installation). A few second later (at the network connection I presume...) I get a blue screen and the system reboot by itself (I can't even see the detail of the message, it goes too fast). When the system comes back, sometimes I have to make the connection to the network manually. Also, Mcafee gives me a message saying that the system is not protected. In the Security center, I can see that the Wireless Network Security is not actve.

      I uninstalled McAfee and cleared every files remaining with Mcafee_MCPR. I reinstalled McAfee without the latest updates ( Total protection 2007). No problem for a while. When I installed the latest update, the problem reappeared. Now, I'm at version 9 of Security center and version 3 of Wireless Network Security. Also, I updated my wireless card to be sure to have the latest driver.

      Have you ever heard about this issue ? Thanks for your help.