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    Internet shows disconnected while connected

      Hi everyone

      I am running McAfee Total Protection 2008 on two computers.

      The one, let's call it "A" is connected to an External Wireless Modem(Sentech), is running XP Pro Service Pack 3, and McAfee Products are fully updated. A Connects to a Wireless Router through an Ethernet Cable.

      Second One (B), is connected to the wireless network through a D-Link G-510 Card, it is running XP Pro SP3. B Cannot connect to the internet. It is also not fully updated.

      On A, in security center -> Manage Network, it shows that is is connected to the internet(it is) and on B is shows that A is Disconnected (while A is connected).

      The Windows Network(MSHOME) is not working correctly, even though IP settings are correct and the computers can see each other.

      How will I connect to the internet on B??

      If you need any extra info, I'll reply ASAP
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          I don't understand a few of the issues you're facing, so I'll initially post some information:

          a) You can see the "Internet Connected" green tick on A, because A can connect to the internet.
          b) You cannot see the same on B,null because B cannot connect to the internet. The connectivity status on both machines are independent of each other. So, this does not mean that A is disconnected.

          Is the core problem that you're unable to connect to the internet from B,null when you should actually be able to? (as A proves). If it is, I don't think I'm the best qualified person to diagnose this yet, but I'm sure one of the forum admins may have seen a similar problem.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            The problem's been solved. The person with the router unplugged the network cable from it, it was put back insecurely, I had only checked the port going into the PC (A).

            Thanks anyway, hopefully this might help other users.

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