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    Mcshield locks up on facebook home page

      Whenever I go to facebook.com, mcshield.exe jumps up to fully occupy one of my processor cores for at least 15 seconds. During this 15 seconds it typically locks up my computer or at least some of the windows. This doesn't seem to happen to me on any other pages either within facebook or elsewhere. My prefernce would certainly be to leave it enabled for facebook and get the performance problem resolved, but absent a solution to that problem, I would settle for directions for preventing mcshield.exe from scanning the home page on facebook at all. Thanks!
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          I contacted the mcafee chat support. They had me remove all cookies and temporary files, remove all mcafee products, run the removal tool, and reinstall mcafee products. That did not work. When the mcafee products were uninstalled, of course, facebook.com loaded normally.

          He also informed me that there is not a way to disable scanning for a particular URL.

          mcshield.exe clearly has some problem processing some element of the content on that page and it is a very heavily frequented site, so I hope you guys look into this.