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    Security Center BLANK

      It seems like once a year, I have to write as something goes wrong.

      OK... I purchased a boxed copy of Viruscan Plus 2009 from my local BJ's yesterday. Today, I started by removing VSP2008 from my computer and then installed the new version.

      All when as expected, with no problems, until I got to clicking on to change my settings.

      I get a nice BLANK Square in the middle of my screen. There is nothing to click to close the window or anything. Just a blank white square with the words above it in a gray area SECURITY CENTER.

      I did initially get sent to a site on the web, to renew the subscription, for 2008 which I already KNEW had expired, which is why I purchased a new copy.

      Could someone please help me with this, what seems like a yearly problem.

      Oh ya... I am using Windows XP with SP3 installed.

      Thank you.