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    McAfee Totatl Protection 2009 pop up errors.

      Well this is my first time posting on the forms so ill try to do my best to explain the problems that im having. I recently purchased my computer along with McAfee Total Protection 2009 ever since the installation i have been recieving 3 pop up error messages. The error messages read as such "Synchronization Application stopped working and was close, Windows will notify you if a solution is available" this error occurs sometimes at random but always when i try to update MSC. Another error that im getting is "McAfee Virus Map Reporting module stopped working and was close, etc." this one can also be at random times as well. And the 3rd is McAfee Security Center Instrumentation stopped working and was closed, etc." this one will usually occur shortly after i log on to my computer, or when im browsing the web.

      Ive been browsing through the forms and saw a thread "Latest McAfee prevents NTD software from working on Vista" the links that were in that thread would also not allow me to load those web pages, but that site advisor has not really with held me from accessing any other web sites besides the two links located there. Ive spoke with dell xps tech, ive spoke with chat support on McAfee website, and ive also spoke with a T2 which none could solve my problem. I was told the this issue is currently being worked on but there is no time frame as to which it will be solved. If you know of any solutions that may possibly work it would be much appreciated. Also i am on Windows Vista and i have tried reinstalling the program as well already, it appeared as though the MCPR.exe file was not removing all of the McAfee files. Please Help.
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