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    Internet Connect drops after McAfee update

      I was pushed down a McAfee update Friday 10/03/08 and it requested a reboot to finish the process. After the update, my internet connection was dropped. The only way I could get it back was to uninstall McAfee. When I reinstall McAfee everything runs fine until I have to boot the system then the connection fails again. It doesn't totally fail it just has limited connectivity and you can't do anything with that.

      I have the subscription service running Antivirus plus. Currently it is running Security Center version 9, Virus Scan version 13 and Firewall version 10. My system is running windows XP with service pack 3.

      I tried installing each component by itself to see if one was the problem. They all caused the failure except Site Advisor.

      The McAfee techs can't seem to figure it out either. They have worked on my computer for about 3 hours. The last thing they did was run a Winsock tool that caused me to have Win32 errors. They are trying to tell me these are being causes by a virus and need to contact the virus team. I restored back two days and that problem is gone again.

      Anybody have any ideas what may be causing this issue.

      I did notice that the windows firewall says it has an unidentified problem and can not display it's settings. I assume McAfee firewall shuts it down so there is no conflict. That's what I was checking on when I saw that.