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    Outlook 2007 mailing impossible with mcafee

      I use windows xp sp3, outlook 2007, have all updates etc. no problems.:cool:

      But as soon as I install my mcafee products
      securitycenter 9.0
      virusscan 13.0
      firewall 10.0
      siteadvisor 2.8
      antispam 10.0
      parental controll 11.0
      easy network 3.0
      backup and restore 3.0

      my popup account can not find the incomming en outgoing server anymore.:eek:

      just stopping the virusscan, spamfighter and/or firewall does not help.
      only realy killing the programms by processexplorer makes my outlook mail working again.
      I allready tried changing the ports, allso no difference.

      If I want to put of my pc I get the warning: THORCONNWND (outlook can not be closed)

      Is there anybody outhere who can Help?