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    Install Problems

      Over the weekend McAfee started to download an update. I left my computer and came back 6 hours later and it was still downloading, with my cable connection I have never had such a long down load before. When I tried to turn my computer off, everything froze, and I had to hit the “off” switch. When I re-booted, I no longer had internet access, no matter what I tried to do. A while back I had a similar problem and removed/rein-stalled McAfee and I was fine. So, I uninstalled McAfee, and could now get back on the internet. But when I went to McAfee.com to download my subscription, I am unable to log in to my account. It lets me type my name and password, hit enter, and nothing happens. I tried going back to the main page and download the free trial offer, or even hit a “buy” button to purchase and nothing happens.

      Right now I have no way of scanning for a virus, or installing my subscription.

      I am on my work computer, and had no problem getting in to my account.

      Any ideas ?

      Windows XP Home edition
      McAfee Total Protection Subscription, expires 3/3/09