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    says that i have to update, but no updates available


      I've just bought and installed the McAffee Virus Scan Plus. I'm in university accomodation so I needed an up to date security package to connect to the uni network. I've installed it, and the network scanned my computer but stated that the anti-virus package is out of date. I then used the McAffee virtual technician to check what was wrong and it said that a product update was required. I then tried to update it 'update now' but it said that there were no updates available. I'm also having difficulties registering.

      Before buying the McAffee product I tried to install the AVG free software to my computer, but the uni scan said that that was out of date also. (I uninstalled it before installing the McAffee). it something to with my laptop?

      Can anyone help/ lead me in the right direction??
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          Peter M
          Contact you university IT people and ask them about how to get around their firewall and/or proxy. Universities are a constant problem with updates and even getting the product downloaded in the first place.
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            Vinod R
            Technically Peter was pointing to this if the IT person needs more Technical Jargon..

            Some Proxy servers are configured to require authentication with a username and password before allowing any network traffic through. While this is a valid configuration, the authentication requirement causes McAfee product downloads and updates to fail.

            When connecting to the Internet through a proxy, McAfee Updates displays No Update are available. After 8 days, the McAfee protection status icon will be displayed in the system tray. Double-clicking the icon will open McAfee SecurityCenter which will report the problem: Your signature files are 8-29 days old. If the updates continue to fail, after 30 days the problem description will change to Your signature files are more than 30 days old.

            Disable authentication on the proxy server to allow anonymous connections

            Consult your proxy server manuals and support information for assistance with allowing anonymous connections.

            Additional information

            McAfee is not able to provide assistance with the following configurations, and provides them as suggestions only:

            * Use rule-based authentication and create a rule to allow anonymous connections for the following domain names: *.mcafee.com, *.siteadvisor.com, *.hackerwatch.com.
            * Set up the default gateway to a network border device other than the proxy server. Then open Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options and add the following domain names to the Local Intranet list on the Security tab: *.mcafee.com, *.siteadvisor.com, *.hackerwatch.com.

            McAfee is unable to assist in the creation of authentication rules for third party proxy servers. Please consult your proxy server manuals and support information.
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              Peter M
              Thanks Vinod, for explaining the technicalities.
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                Vinod R

                Thanks but I merely copy and pasted from this