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    Mcafee wont load up.

      Mcafee sec. center was working fine for 1 year or so now.( I dont know what version of it i have) So i double click the M in my bottom right tool bar. and it shows that its loading and then 10 seconds later it loads and all i can see is the box with like no writing in it. Heres the photo:

      Please help me..i need to clean up my computer.
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          Peter M
          You must be using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. This is a well-documented problem and both Microsoft and McAfee are working on it. Until it's solved you'll have to uninstall IE8 Beta 2. Your previous version is still there.
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            Well heres another problem. I re downloaded mcafee and re installed, and now my whole computers messed up. The bottom right tool bar icons are gone and my internet doesnt work. Might have to reformat. and yes i was using IE 8.2
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              Peter M
              Try uninstalling IE8. If IE8 was installed before you installed SP3 then you are stuck with it and McAfee wont work, probably until after IE8 goes final which could be a while, so you would have to either format and reinstall your system without IE8, or uninstall McAfee and use something else in the meanwhile.
              Maybe a computer help forum can help you with the icons/connection issue.
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                what? i uninstalled ie8 and i still have the problem and what SP3?
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                  Peter M
                  Sorry I was getting you mixed up with someone else with a similar issue, my apologies.

                  I'm assuming that you rebooted after uninstalling IE8. It would appear then that there is another issue.

                  I suggest that you contact Technical Support Chat which are available 24/7 via the link at top left of the page, or in my signature.
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                    o i think u mean windows xp sp3 and no i still havent re installed it im going for tech support right now. heres what happened. mcafee didnt work. i reinstall it. computers messed up. i uninstall ie8 still messed up. cant uninstall mcafee. i get a new cpu from my dads work. is a sever i connect it to my monitor. i don have password. reconnect old cpu. primary drive 0 not found...what am i supposed to do now????:(
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                      Peter M
                      If it were me I would format and reinstall the system. It seems to me that you need to be asking these questions on a PC help forum. I'm afraid that I'm no expert in those matters.
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                        god damn mcafee glitch! i cant even reformat cause the cd drive wont work
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                          Peter M
                          I doubt very much that it's McAfee that has caused that. These are the sort of problems one gets when using beta - anything.

                          It sounds to me very much like a major infection got in somehow.