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    SystemGuards incompatible with Checkpoint VPN

      I received an update to McAfee SecurityCenter and now when I run the Check Point SecuRemote Service client (latest version) my machine crashes and reboots (OS: XP home). After playing around with the issue, I found that disabling SystemGuards resolved the issue (no forced reboot). I just wanted to bring this issue to your awareness, although it seems you've had issues with SecuRemote in the past. While I understand that you are under no obligation to be compatible with every vpn client or other miscellaneous software product out there, please keep in mind that it is much easier for me to replace my antivirus software than it is for my company to change vpn clients.

      If you have any questions, please let me know. Heck, I even saved off a minidump that may be of interest (I don't know because I haven't opened it up yet).

      - b
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