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    Internet Security 2008 OEM Activation / Registration problems


      I am a computer technician, and recentley (in the last few months) I have had difficulty registering / activating Internet Security 2008 OEM. When entering the users details and clicking next, the activation process attempts to start, the progress bar moves back and forth across the screen and then returns an error. I dont recall exactly what the error states but can contact one of my clients if required. The error basically states that the process can not be completed at that time, and to try again later.

      For some clients, I was able to create an account on the mcafee website, then log in sucsesfully for activation. For some clients, this doesn't work.

      Does anyone have a solution to this, I have about 5 clients who are still suffering from this issue, and with 30 days, they will no longer be able to update their definitions etc. Does this have anything to do with updating at the time of install rather than installing from CD, activating, then updating? as I see parts of the new product are begining to be installed.

      Thanks for any help. I am a bit reluctanct to continue installing McAfee at the moment on clients computers because of this problem.

      Kind Regards
      -Neil Young