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    Restore from Ext. Drive to Replaced C Drive

      Regarding 'Complete Protection ver. 9' does not "see" backed up data stored on external hard drive.

      1. I had 10GB of Full and Quick backups of data that I need to restore to my main C:/ drive after factory warrantee C drive replacement. The 'Help' file is cryptic and does not directly give special instructions needed to do this. However, I followed the instructions on re-configuring the backup system ready for future backups. But, after doing this, the Backup & Restore software STILL does not see the 10GB of files I know are there (I saw them before the C hard drive crash), and if I can't resolve file recognition now, I am afraid that the old data will be overwritten. What do I need to do that I haven't done? The new backup configuration is NOT encrypted - I can't remember if the old files were encrypted. I would assume that the new replacement 'Comp. Prot. 9' uses a new encryption key that prevents old files access. If true, I am screwed.

      2. I am a 70 yr. old computer noob with 'One-Finger-Typing' skills. I have tried the Live Chat service three times, but my slow reading and typing skills causes my connection to time out before the problem is resolved. PLEASE - is there an e-mail address that I can use so that problems can be resolved? I feel that I am out in the wilderness with no support. I have read everything I can and have learned a lot, but I am no computer geek, and something like this is beyond my current skills.

      3. Relating to all of the above, the 'Help' files do not appear to have kept up with my Complete Protection ver. 9. The instructions do not have a 1 to 1 correlation with the display function labels/buttons/links (i.e. 'Settings' > 'Watch Locations' > 'Add Folder' > "Browse/Open" > navigate to and select desired folder, then 'Click OK' - browsed folder is on a different page with no OK, only Open and Cancel, and OKon 'Add older page does nothing in this instance).

      4. I have not found a way to periodically backup the C:\Program Files folder so that I can restore every add-on with updates and data after a system crash like I just experienced. I do not want to have to repurchase these add-ons again and suffer the data loss I now have if these files can not be accessed now. Then the main reason for backup is in vain.

      5. It would have been nice If I was given the option of installing the 'Complete Protection ver. 9' on the external drive holding the backups with a link in the C:/Program Files folder. This would probably have eliminated this problem.

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          Vinod R
          Stay with this forum for help for now...

          would like some answers to understand the issue better..

          1.What was the operating before and after crash?
          2.after the crash did you update the operating system?
          3.when backing up to the external drive what was the name (label of that drive.. the drive letter..like c: or d: or e: etc...) ? and is it the same now?


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            1. First notice of degradation was startup notices of nonop service programs that I can't remember, followed by notification of excess memory usage ending with random blank screen at startup or accessing the Control Panel, etc. After computer support had me try a reformat, I received an Error 300, which the tech said needed hard drive replacement.

            2. Returned the computer to the factory service center, and it was returned re-imaged with exactly the same basic software installed at manufacture. I had 44 Windows updates and 17 VAIO updates/patches to add, all carefully examined for correct sequence of installation where prior required updates were installed first.

            3. Originally the external hard drive was drive G:/, but now it is drive F:/. I had the 'Magicack' internet phone adapter installed before the crash, but not after the computer return. I will re-install the MagicJack followed by the externa hard drive and see what happens.

            Thank you for your prompt reply. I'll post a followup.

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              Vinod R

              thanks for posting

              assuming you got Xpnull pro

              click on start
              select run
              diskmgmt.msc and hit enter
              now click on the drive section
              right click and change the drive letter of the external drive to G: and see if that helps
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                Sorry I missed posting my OS - it is Vista which is standard with nearly all new computers now.

                I have not tried your procedure unless it is also valid for Vista. I try not to do things I don't understand unless advised otherwise.

                I was in error on the drive assignment for my external drive. The MagicJack is now drive F:/ with the CD side of my always installed multi-optical drive being G:/, and the external drive is H:/. I reassigned the drive letter H:/ for McAfee' backup, backed out after correct drive letter assignment confirmation, then re-accessed the Backup & Restore page, but nothing is shown still. I can see the files from Windows, but I don't know if I can restore from Windows using McAfee as the index reader. I hate being a noob. I love the computer when everything is working beautifully, but it is a PITA when something like this happens. I have already spent 2 1/2 full days trying to get my system back up.

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                  Vinod R

                  Close all windows.(including McAfee) Download and save each and close the browsers and then try the ones suggested below

                  try this
                  install This and This
                  open McAfee and try....
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                    I'm saving this post as it will be about 1 1/2 weeks before I can try these. I got a shock last night after making my last post. I had to leave for a while, so I put my computer in sleep mode. Upon my return, I powered up and received an error notice that TosBtMng stopped running. So I did a 'Restart' and got a black screen with the command prompt "missing operating system".

                    I rechecked the paperwork that came with my returned "Repaired" computer and discovered that they did NOT replace the hard drive - they only re-imaged it. So now, I hope that they will believe me that the hard drive has a problem and replaces it. In the mean time, I'll have to hold this post in limbo until I get it back.

                    I want to thank you for your time and effort on this problem. It is appreciated. I will followup with this later.

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                      Vinod R

                      Hard drive crashes can be a pain.

                      Good luck
                      • 8. MagicJack
                        I have MagicJack too and when I contacted the company, the representatives indicated that McAfee is known to cause problems with their product. In fact, they recommend removing McAfee. As a loyal McAfee user for years, I find this very hard to believe. Is there any settings that I can make to allow the MagicJack to function properly with the security suite?

                        Thank you
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                          Peter M