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    Reinstall Window Vista Home Premium

      I am very disappointed at McAfee products. I updated my 2008 version to 2009 version and the next day = reinstalled Window Home Premium. :mad: Talked to HP helps and supports and they told me to reinstalled Window. McAfee, my clients are having trouble about these issues. Most of them had to call me and I had to reinstall everything on their computers.

      My question is: Is anyone here going to do something about it.... :confused:
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          Vinod R

          What happened?

          what are the symptoms ..?
          • 2. Baddddd
            First, I log in to my account. Then, McAfee didnt start up when I logged in and internet connection was disconnected. My processors were only 25. It should be more than that. :mad: I cannot open one file located inside my hard drive. When I was in Safe Mode, everything was okay. McAfee told me that everything was fined. That was a complete LIE. I felt betray because McAfee 09 crash my computer. After that, I uninstalled everything [McAfee Product=total protection] and Spy Sweeper. The problem was still the same when I log in to normal mode. What wrong with the new version. I am leaving McAfee for another antivirus vendor. Unless if I see the changes, then I will use it again.

            My clients were angry because they told me that I gave them a useless product. I really like McAfee for it features and protections but the new version seems to have problems.

            Even try using another antivirus vendor's rescue disk and that doesnt work.

            One more thing: when i was in normal mode, I tried to start McAfee but it failed [BAD :mad:]

            About 80% of my clients hated the new products. Dont take this offensive, I just want you all know about this problem.
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              Vinod R

              I am still not able to understand what really happened?
              How or why are you loggin into McAfee? are you trying to log into the website account or something?:confused:

              Did you try to update all the drivers for the computer (including the BIOS)?

              is it a Laptop or a Desktop?
              what is the model number?
              does it happen on all the models or specific model?

              Most of the HP computer's(read non commercial units) come with Norton 360 or NIS pre-installed hope you removed it and ran Norton removal tool prior to installing McAfee.
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                Peter M
                diddo09, can you please stay with this thread until the issue is solved and not start a new one, thank you.
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                  I uninstalled Norton 2007 before I installed McAfee 09 using their removal tool.

                  More Info:
                  Laptop DV6500t
                  Intel Core 2 Duo T7700
                  Window Vista Home Premium
                  2 gb
                  250 gb

                  I logged in to my account and received the free upgrade. It worked, but failed after one day installing it. :mad:

                  Ex_Brit: "diddo09, can you please stay with this thread until the issue is solved and not start a new one, thank you"

                  What do you mean that I shouldnt start a new one. All my posts were closed or used by other members. Those questions were answered.

                  Thanks for your help
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                    Peter M

                    Sorry, my error.