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    Outlook 2007 startup issue

      Hello. After installing McAfee Total Protection last week, I encountered an issue with Outlook 2007. Now every time I start Outlook, it takes about 5 minutes to start. Then, after startup, it works fine, I can download and check all my emails with no problems.

      I tried all solutions that I was able to find online: disabling all Outlook add-ins, disabling McAfee Spam and E-mail protection, didn't work. Then I removed both of my data files, and tried to open empty Outlook ( by empty I mean with no mail accounts and no data files ) - same thing. I opened it in safe mode, no result. I even uninstalled Outlook 2007, then restarted my computer and installed it again, same thing. I have Windows XP.

      Your help is greatly appreciated in advance, hoping that some miraculous patch will solve this issue, :).null
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