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    S.M.A.R.T. Data Script

      Several customers have asked for a faster way to determine disk health than chkdsk -r. Knowing disk health enables them to stop encryption on disks that would likely fail if they went through the process of full disk encryption. Querying the drive's SMART data is the fastest way we know to determine disk health. In fact, we are considering putting in such a check as native functionality in EEPC v6. Wouldn't it be cool if we could detect a bad drive and stop encryption before it died?!

      In order for this check to be effective, we have to have some real world metrics on SMART data. The only way to get this data is to have customers harvest it for us and then share it. This forum is a good place to start such a process.

      If you are willing to contribute to this effort, please download and run this script:
      ftp://custftp2.nai.com/outgoing/danlarson/SmartDump.zip (link will expire in 14 days)

      The script will...
      1. Run silently
      2. Gather SMART data
      3. Send log file (results) to UNC path (you ca specify this path in the vbs file)

      It takes about 10 seconds to run. Our goal is to have you deploy it to several machines and share the data with us. We will then take all this data and process it.

      Please zip your log files and post them as a reply to this thread.